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Saturday, November 29, 2008

Some videos of my pets!

Davy and the cucumber

Mice everywhere!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Blacky und Flöckchen

Two adorable little mice! They live together in a nice home with a lot of other mice - real ones and fake ones!

Little Corinna

Once upon a time... The drawing was made by myself, I think 1995...
On the pic itself I am three years old.


After watching "Over the hedge" this week and seeing Hammy, the adorable squirrel in it, I found these pics on my computer.
As they are searching for food and are most times used to have humans around, they lost their fear. Well, this fellow lives in a nice park with hundreds of other squirrels, they are not looked after and not in cages. But they got the trick to beg for some nuts!
They are a bit older. But I still love them! I love squirrels! You can see the pics are taken in winter because it has furry ears.

"The red squirrel or Eurasian red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) is a species of tree squirrel (genus Sciurus). A tree-dwelling omnivorous rodent, the red squirrel is common throughout Eurasia. "
Source: Wikipedia

Saturday, November 22, 2008

My couch!

My dear lovely couch! The first one I bought in my life! This post is dedicated to you!
I am very fond of it... Place enough to relax in the evenings, to lay down for a rest or simply sitting there waiting for the next thing to happen!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Finally: real mice!

In June 2008 I invited some new fellows to live with me. The castrato San and his girls Ichi, Ni, Nana and Hachi. Did you notice? I love Japan!

They settled in a selfbuilt home made of an old rabbit-cage-bottom (100x50cm) and an aquarium (60x30x30cm). This kind of petmouse can be held in an open cage. They can't see very far and are too scared to jump down. Of course there are always some exceptions, but my five are very safe in here.

Very soon I noticed that they could be happier. I included a second tray and more possibilities to climb. They seem much more relaxed now and use their space happily. It is now in a total 210cm (incl. the aqua)!

I am totally against buying pets in pet stores. There are so many animals who wait in the animal shelter to find a new home. And most people in the shelters want to see their animals well looked-after. Pet stores only want to make profit. They sell a lot of rubbish for pets as well. You might think you can find there everything you need, but that's an illusion.

Mouse-cages that have the size of max. 50cm should only be a mere transporting cage. Running wheels with 15-20cm diagonally can cause a lot of illness and misshaping. Not to speak of all the plastic that could tear up their stumaches when they gnaw and swallow it.
The wheel I have is of gnaw-safe plastic and has a measure of 27cm. I have only found the German producer of the wheels: Rodenti
Everything else in their habitat is safe to gnaw. And they do it! The wood I built with is coloured with a paint that can be used for baby-toys.

So no plastic, better use wood, cartonages and ceramic. In facts, nearly everything you would also feel save to give a baby.

See you next time!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


This little boy has its origin in one of my fantasy stories. His mother is Dorn, a chaotic warrior lady and his father is Sgurr, a dragon. I like testing out my skills and thought about modelling a little baby that would hopefully match my imagining Simeon.

I used Puppenfimo(c) in the colour porcelain. My surprise about how he looked like after baking was big. But from the beginning.

The body shown above looked a bit like a young boy not like a baby. I had to change that.

The operation could beginn. Slicing up the body was able because this time I didn't use a core as I knew that he would only be lying down.

Mending the belly again and changing the proportions of the head. He really looked younger now. Not as young as I wanted him to be but it was the best I could do after this start.

Now I only had to reform his feet and fix his position. This was done after a good warm bake in my oven.

Tadaa! Out came a crispy little thing with a gorgeous colour. He was supposed to turn out white but this was ok as well. Not much paint work to do...

The wings are still loosily attached and I think I will make some better ones one day. But for now they do perfectly well.

Monday, November 3, 2008

NaNo beginns...

It did take some time to get back into writing! But it is also great fun and I see that I have missed it very much...

On the first day I wrote down the first sentence! Great! I can make it! This is going to be awsome! Now I only need some more to keep going...
Hey, thats an interesting spot on TV, I got to watch it. No, better go on writing. Hmm, I haven't checked my emails yet, and suddenly I am back surfing around on sites that aren't really interesting at the moment, but to do everything instead of writing.

Ok, I ended it there. In the evening I finally managed to come onto 1,406 words. That wasn't too bad!

The second day was even worse. I'm at a total of 1,745 words now. But the story is going forward and I think the further I go the more easy it will be!

I always knew I need some goal ahead to write! Here it is! Here I'm coming, watch out!

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