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Monday, February 23, 2009

T-Shirts as presents

is a hard thing to do. But I think I was lucky, I got the right sizes... At least I was told...

This one was for my Dad. A maori-style application. But without close up, painting on polo is really cruel!

This cute koala+kiwi t-shirt went to my dear Natalia.

There was a third I made as a gift, using the logo of an online game for my cousin. But there is no picture of that one. And I think those will be the only ones made in this way. Further t-shirts will be only for my or after getting a shirt from others.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Timothy's Adventure

Hi! My name is Timothy! I thought looking into this blog is the easiest way to say Hi to everybody available! I sure am an adorable little hamster! I am a golden hamster and can't remember my origins. I woke up wrapped up in paper in a shaky box until finally I arrived my home!

I thought I'd look very handsome with this ear-attach. And I am quite sure it's mine because I found it in the box next to me. Well, my new mum took it away and said that it's not doing good to my ear. I'm still sad about that...

Discovering the fridge that should become my new habitat I saw this fella! A badger! And he looked angry! I think it was because I intruded his home... But maybe he is just an old guy not wanting to share his fridge...

I was faster! Suggesting him to share this place with me, because I am a good food collector, a great buddy and ... well... just me! Adorable Timothy!

I think we will become good friends! You must say he really looks quite tame, eh?
Your Timothy

PS: Mum says I should say hi to a koala! Hi, koala, Timothy here! Thanks (for whatever...)

Sunday, February 8, 2009


For the first time today I played the game Elfenland from the british game author Alan R. Moon.

The story is about young elves who have to go out on quests to become grown-ups. They can use different kinds of transportation (e.g. elfcycles, unicorns, dragons) for diffent roads (e.g. desert, forest, mountain). To prove their visit in a town they take a small roll of evidence. After four attempts the game is over and the one with the most tokens wins.

  • It really needs a lot of thinking to plan your route! And even then your opponent can destroy the whole plan with one small chip defining the transportation for a road!
  • The board is really nice and I loved the pictures on the cards.

  • The tokens are round! They love rolling away! I wouldn't be sad about square ones!
  • The game is for 2-6 people. But for 2 people it is too boring, because you may plan your route far away from the other and there goes the challenge!

From me it is 8 of 10 points!