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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Finally Spring!

I don't remember what day it finally started getting warm, because I lay down with a flu. But then suddenly it was the time to sit outside in the wonderfull and large garden of my parents. T-Shirt-weather, sunshine and cats hanging around!
I love it! It's been cold and nasty for too long now...

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The Settlers of Catan

This is my all-time-favourite-game! The Settlers of Catan from Klaus Teuber.

One of its best things is the variable board that consits out of a lot of hexagons, here in the standard version there are 19. In every game they are ordered differently and have different numbers so they never give the same amount of raw materials. Of course there are numbers that are played more often than others. Check them out to place your first two villages on good regions.

The raw materials are the basics of everything. You need them to build streets (wood and clay), villages (wood, clay, hay and sheepskin), cities (stone and hay) or to buy some special feature cards.
The game has a lot of trading charm. And if your fellow players don't want to trade with you, you can still trade with the bank. To worse conditions, but sometimes it is necessary.
There are not only your fellow players and the bank involved in the game! Everytime somebody throws the dices to a seven there is a gang of robbers who steal your materials if you have more than seven in the hand. If you dice the seven you can chose the part of land where the robbers steal even more. But that will be for your own good. But beware! The next time somebody else throws the seven and the robbers may come to steal from you!
The pictures above are from the new version. I still own the old one with wooden streets, villages and cities. Also the water frame is in hexagons too, not in prefixed parts. Both versions have their own charm. Only the wooden one is no longer sold in the stores. I will keep mine safe!

Next time I will show you the different expansions. They promise even more fun playing with a lot more possible variations.

This game is definitly 10 out of 10 points for me!