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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Snapshot of the month!

This is Aika, the basset hound of my parents, as a jung puppy in 2007. She was so full of energy that it was only luck to catch a good shot of her. Mostly she was moving away again.

Monday, March 16, 2009


I wrote a children's story called: The magical Unicornherb (Das magische Einhornkraut).
Unfortunatly still unpublished. But I had fun drawing some pictures for the chapters.

The story is about the eleven-year-old twins Lara and Lukas. As they are forced to move into a new home because their dad has a new job far away, the discover a wood behind the big garden. There they find an injured unicorn, which is hunted by wolves. They help him to escape and hide him in the shed. Karfunkel he is called.
But Karfunkel doesnt get better. A woodfairy comes to help them and find this magical herb that can cure unicorns. They don't only have to fight with wolves and jumping through time, but also with their mum who wants them to feel at home and find a nice school.

Chapter one: The move (Der Umzug)
Chapter two: The wood behind the garden (Der Wald hinterm Garten)
Chapter three: Karfunkel
Chapter four: Nighttime visit (Nächtlicher Besuch)
Chapter five: Heinrich
Chapter six: The mission (Der Auftrag)
Chapter seven: Castle Catrock (?) (Burg Katzenstein)
Chapter eight: The unicornherb (Das Einhornkraut)
Chapter nine: In the shed! (Im Schuppen!)
Chapter ten: Recovery (Genesung)
Chapter eleven: The herd (Die Herde)

If there are any news about getting published I will let you know!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The old man

This old man was for a colleage at work who turned 60 and left our company. It is one of my famous "I need to have it in 3 days, so I better get started!"...

As it was an old guy I didn't need to smooth his face and yeah, I could say he looks like this on purpose!

Some more details:

New porcelain paint

I bought new porcelain paint and tried to paint on my cup in the usual way. But the consistence of this color was not like I was used to. No precisely painting possible. But it sure is good for other effects.
The funny thing was: The color seemed to be fixed after some hours. Like already burned in the oven. I still burned it, just to be sure.

I like this cup! It is very, very waterproof and liked to bath in the dishwasher every day at work.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Small Book Fair

For the third year in row there was the small book fair in Neckarsteinach, a small town in Germany, near Heidelberg. Unlike the big book fairs this one is only on two days, there are about 30 small publishing houses who show and sell their books.

We from the "LeseZeit" were no publishing house. We are a group of authors who have published books or stories in a wide variety of publishings. What connects us is only the written word and the fun of attending readings.
It was the second time I was there and it was fun! The lovely banner with our name is my idea. It's not perfect but I think I catched a good idea.

The Last Unicorn

The last unicorn... It's a masterpiece of Peter S. Beagle, first published in 1968!
The first time I heard of it was when watching it to the end of the 1980s as the animation movie became famous. I loved it from the start!
Although I didn't think the unicorn was one of the most beautiful I ever saw. It was the magic of the story that got me.
Making my own magical interpretion of the unicorn was one of my oldest dreams. This year I finally made it true.
The figurine is made out of Fimo, the German polymer clay, enstabled within with wire and aluminium foil. The horn finally is made out of MoldiMix, a special plastic that doesn't need to be burnt.
If you don't know the last unicorn you might want to look here: LastUnicorn.
It's worth knowing this great novel!


I love the mutts-comics from Patrick McDonnell and so I knew I will have them on a t-shirt soon. Well, not much to see from Mooch and Earl on this one. But I'm pretty sure there will follow others.

A lot of underwater life that cannot be seen from outside. I am quite scared of open waters because the idea of miles of water underneath me full of animals and life makes me feel uneasy. But seeing it on pictures is ok!

And here a full view of the shirt: