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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Forever Doody!

Sometimes sad things happen in life. Sad things with nothing you can do to prevent them. Sometimes it will hurt so much you think your heart is going to break into pieces...

When I grieve for someone I turn the pain into some force that makes me create something special. Something that helps me keep him in memory.

Doody, you were one of a kind!

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is a well-known online computer game. I don't know too much about it but as my partner asked me for a shirt with this emblem I said yes.

Most important was this paw in the middle. I think she would have been happy just with that. But I was eager to proof myself if I can manage to paint the rest too.

I think I can book this as a success, eh? The white chalk helpmarks were removed before I fixed the paint with ironing.

Neue Karten

Endlich gibt es auch wieder neue Karten von mir! Dieses Feld habe ich in Deutschland noch nicht so richtig erobert gehabt, aber es gehörte definitiv zu den Sachen, die ich weiter ausbauen möchte!

Ich hoffe, sie gefallen euch!

Und einen Extra-Link zu Zimtschneckes Blog, die immer eine große Inspiration ist!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Killer Bunnies!

A new game aera has started! We discovered Killer Bunnies! This is a fun card game with a starter deck and several booster packs. As being able to expand the game slowly it was one of the reasons why we bought it. And we never regreted it!

The starter deck comes in blue including the first booster which is yellow. Goal of the game: get the winning Magic Carrot! Unfortunatly you can only win if you have a bunny alive. So actually the game is about getting carrots and killing your opponents (or sometimes your own) bunnies!

There are a lot of ways how to kill bunnies. You can starve them, attack them with a Kitchen Whisk, Crow Bars, Quite Irascible Diffractable Cheese Balls, Boomerangs, Chocolate Covered Anti-Matter Raisins, Cyber Bunny and so on...

To protect your bunnies you may use Lucky Clover, Heavenly Halo, The Magic Spatula or similar good cards.In this game we played the blue, yellow, purple, red and orange booster. In the middle of the table are the carrots (you can buy, choose or steal), the shops (for cabbage, water, defense or pawns) and the draw pile.
You always (!) have 5 cards on your hands and two cards down. Playing requires thinking ahead. Normal run cards have to go through the bottom run and top run card position until you can play it. Then there are special cards, very special cards, money and play immidietly cards (where you normally have to kill your own bunny).
The dice are for use when you get attacked or you want to gamble or get something nice out of supply cards.

All in all, it looks complicated, but it is not. You slowly get towards more complicated game play but you learn along.

As still not even close to getting the highest stack of game cards (there are still the green, twilight white, stainless steel, perfectly pink, wacky khaki and ominous onyx boosters to go!) so far it already takes us about 2 hours to go through a game of three people! But it is fun in every minute!

Thats why I give it 10 out of 10 points!

Check it out: KillerBunnies

Friday, June 4, 2010

New T-Shirts!

After a long time not being creative, I started with some t-shirts. The reason for this long break is my moving to Melbourne and getting settled down here.

Well, a dear friend wished to have this sentence on a shirt. And as she loves green, this is what she got:

The goodnight kiwi landet on a shirt for my mum in memory of our time in New Zealand:

And this basset hound went onto a shirt for my sister: