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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Marsupilami rocks!

One of my favourite comic series is that of Spirou and Fantasio. And in there early years when it was Franquin who drew them they were acomponied by the weird creature called Marsupilami. With the time you get really attached to the little fellow.

When Franquin stopped with Spirou he took the rights for the Marsupilami with him so that in the later episodes he is missed. Franquin continued with a spinoff series solely around the Marsupilami and his family (a different marsupilami though), which I didn't enjoy as much. He is awesome as a sidekick but as main character... there was something missing...

Nevertheless he is cool!

Some of his characteristics are: being amphibious, laying eggs that hatch, having an eight-meter-tail, loves eating fleas and piranhas and talking Huba huba!